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Back to Center PT always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 15 reviews with an average rating of 4.93 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Back to Center PT below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

David T.
Submitted 03/11/20
Neha worked magic on my Tendonitis (with the Graston Technique), and when back issues sidelined my yoga practice I called her for yoga therapy. We discussed all the variations I need to make to accomplish each pose - and the poses that I need to avoid to stay healthy. Neha explained the body mechanics behind the poses and gave great cues to accomplish the poses - and always kept my alignment perfect. So happy to be back at yoga. Thank you!
Linda H.
Submitted 03/11/20
The best
Lesley B.
Submitted 02/27/20
BOOK WITH NEHA IMMEDIATELY, no matter what part of LA you live in!!! After awful experiences with 3 different Physical Therapists in the South Bay/Redondo area, I was referred to Neha for my disc injury/back pain... If only I could have seen her to start with!! She is the Sherlock Holmes of Physical Therapy and has been the only therapist to truly “get” my weird issues with my back and hips. She is patient, thoughtful, detailed and kind. She has helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel and helped me avoid spine surgery. I would drive twice as far to see her!
Eleni B.
Submitted 02/26/20
Where do I start??!!! Neha has help me numerous times. I have come to value and trust her so much that my whole family sees her as well. My previous experience with physical therapists left me feeling like I wasn’t given enough time and attention from the therapist. Neha gives individualized attention and really takes the time to find the right treatments for you. She has helped me through pregnancies, injuries, and she has also helped me to support my own healing through my yoga practice. Working with her on my yoga was so transformational. There were so many poses that I was out of alignment in. No teacher ever caught it! When she helped me align correctly my practice became so much easier and my body became so much stronger. I have so many muscles that I was completely disconnected from. She helped my husband with his “ankle” injury and was actually able to discern that it was his knee causing all the problems. She helped my dad after he fell and was really struggling with a back injury that was possibly going to need surgery. Working with Neha healed it completely without needing surgery!!! She is amazing and we all love her!
Orley V.
Submitted 10/22/19
Neha is my favorite kind of person and therapist: a wise, out-of-the-box thinker who has a knack for knowing exactly what is needed and when. She has a great sense of humor, which is important when you're dealing with (extremely) tight muscles. I would refer her to anyone - even my friends in the UK because yes, she's worth the commute.
Marc P.
Submitted 10/22/19
My mother had her right hip replaced by Dr. Andrew Yun, the worlds renowned Dr for Hip replacement. He is simply an amazing surgeon. However after my mothers surgery the various Physical therapists that were ordered never worked on the scar tissue. The various Physical therapist over the past two years only focussed on various exercises for my mother. My mother has been in excruciating pain in the low back, right hip, right, knee, and right ankle. I was recently referred to Dr. Vaishnav, world renowned knee replacement surgeon. I took my my mother to Dr. Vaishnav, which he diagnosed two torn meniscuses in my mother's right knee. Dr. Vaishnav gave my mother a cortisone injection which helped for about eight weeks. The pain came back and Dr. Vaishnav immediately ordered more physical therapy. I asked Dr. Vaishnav to give me the best physical therapist in Southern California for my mother. Dr. Vaishnav, recommend Neha Shah and prescribed physical therapy for the entire region from the right low back, hip, knee, and ankle. I immediately made an appointment with Neha, which took two weeks to get an appointment, I guess because she must be good at what she does. On my mother's first appointment she had immediate relief from tremendous pain where the scar tissue is from the incision from the hip replacement. Neha recommended physical therapy three times a week at a minimum. Obviously this is going to take a lot of work to undo two years of pain caused by scar tissue. On my mother's second visit with Neha, she introduced my mother to another physical therapist in her office by the name of Amari. My mother is ecstatic from her results this past month. My mother is not out of the woods yet, this is going to take a tremendous amount of work on everyones part. No pain no gain, unfortunately is the truth. I brought Neha's business card and brochure to Dr. Yun for his review, and it is my understanding that Dr. Yun, who practices yoga will be reaching out to Neha, who also incorporates yoga in some of her cases. We are all so fortunate to have Neha and Amari here in Los Angeles sharing there knowledge, strength, and hope for all the patients that seek there help!
Emily C.
Submitted 10/20/19
Neha is highly knowledgeable and skilled at what she does. I know I will feel better after a treatment. I also know, because she has taught me, how to maintain between visits, which have become less frequent because I'm healing, thanks to her. This is good news but also somewhat sad because I enjoy spending time in her calming presence.
Elaine P.
Submitted 09/19/19
I’ve had difficulty with sciatica. Neha gave me great stretches that helped. She was patient and demonstrated what I need to do multiple times until I could do it. Her body work also loosened up my back.
Rodrigo D.
Submitted 09/17/19
I’m very pleased with the results of my physical therapy. Dr. Neha is an excellent physical therapist. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional. The staff is also excellent. I highly recommend this facility for your physical therapy needs
Frida G.
Submitted 08/16/19
After many years of physical therapy, I was referred to Neha Shah, it was months after a hip replacement, I had been to a different physical therapist, and my recovery was not complete. Lucky for me, Neha has helped me so much, I’m totally recovered from my hip. Through the last years she has worked with me on different situations (shoulder, back and currently my knee) and has consistently been the best, most knowledgeable and professional physical therapist I have come across.
Janette T.
Submitted 07/05/19
The healing experiences I am having w/ Neha and Amare and far beyond what I expected. The casual, relaxed environment immediately put me at ease. All staff is friendly and helpful. Neha is superb in her gentle, yet persistently pushing, approach to returning my body back to it's flexible state. She is skillful in her touch and in selecting exercises best suited for my current level of recovery. I would give Neha and her staff 10 stars if I could! I am delighted w/ the positive changes my body is making, thanks to the expertise of Neha.
Jessica R.
Submitted 01/14/19
I need more than 5 stars for Neha and her clinic! I am a physical therapist myself and when I need PT for my own body its Neha I turn to. She has been treating me for several years and has helped me through many injuries. Its a bonus for me that she is a certified yoga therapist as well and very active herself so she understands how important it is to get back to the activities I love. I can't recommend her enough. I dont work in this area and so for anyone that I know that needs PT on this side of town she is my go-to PT! Everyone I have sent to her has called to thank me for turning them on to her and her clinic! I love that when I see her for myself or when I refer patients that we are seen for one-on-one care. Even though she is out-of-network its worth every penny for the quality time she gives, which is so different than some of the "mill" clinics out there where you're seen by different random staff at every visit. Thank you for everything Neha!
Mike "Mac" M.
Submitted 12/21/18
I am happy to describe my experience. My ongoing experiences to be exact. I was first introduced to Neha by my chiropractor in 2011. I first started seeing Neha in 2012 to help me with some exercises to help alleviate some hip pain I was experiencing. Turns out what I had was severe osteoarthritis of my left hip joint. I eventually got that joint replaced in 2015 by an orthopedic surgeon that she strongly recommended. Three weeks after that procedure I came right back to Neha to begin my three months of outpatient physical therapy to start mobilizing and strengthening that hip. And this is where the fun really started. Her plan for me was top notch. I loved every part of it. Neha really understands how all of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments work together and she taught me a lot during our sessions. One of my favorite therapy tools was the eventual weekly use of the "seat belt" by which she could really mobilize the hip joint to break scar tissue and adhesions to get a little more range of motion. In fact I loved our sessions so much that I had my other hip joint replaced two years later in Dec. 2017 and we began another solid three months of PT starting in Jan. 2018. I had an excellent recovery. Her demands were high so I had to put in a lot of work (including cardio and core strengthening in addition to hip exercises) and I'm very thankful for it because the end result is a pain free hip with fully regained strength and supreme range of motion. As long as I continue to do some of the homework she assigned to me, I should be able to maintain the hip strength for many years to come. I strongly recommend seeing Neha for post surgery therapy, yoga therapy teachings, or for general body maintenance/strengthening/flexibility. She is pleasant to work with and excited about helping her patients get to a better place. I am happy to speak directly to anybody who wants to hear more about my experiences with Neha over the years and hear how I feel she can help others.
Emily E.
Submitted 12/20/18
Neha is not just my physical therapist. She is my healer. She is extremely knowledgeable about the human body and healing. Neha does not just target the problem area; she evaluates the entire body to find all the interconnected sources of tightness, pain, and inflammation. I have had many injuries for which I have been to several different physical therapists, and Neha's integrative and individualized whole-body treatment approach is by far the most effective. She also truly listens to me, designing each session's treatment plan in accordance with my complaints and goals. Further, Neha does not overbook her schedule. She always spends the whole session working on my body and guiding me through stretches and exercises. I will never go back to any other physical therapist. I cannot say enough amazing things about Neha!
Julius H.
Submitted 12/05/18
I think Laurie has a thorough knowledge of muscles, tendons, etc. and how they affect our bodies. She is very pleasant and thorough in explaining what she is doing and why she is doing it. I didn't give her 5 stars, because I don't like to bump up against the limits of measurements.