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If you experience aches and pains from underlying scar tissue, you may be a good candidate for the unique Graston Technique®. Neha Shah, MPT, at Back to Center PT in the Beverly Grove community of Los Angeles obtained a specialized certification in the technique to work out your knots with patented stainless steel tools. If you’d like to learn more about the Graston Technique from a certified provider, call Back to Center PT or schedule an appointment online today.

Graston Technique Q & A

What is the Graston Technique?

The Graston Technique is a specialized physical therapy treatment using soft manipulation tools to detect and break up adhesions and myofascial tension. The stainless steel instruments have unique angles and shapes, which allow your physical therapist to target your problem areas with precision.

Your therapist may run the unusual-looking tools over your skin after applying a lubricant to smooth out knots. Like other physical therapies, the manual technique aims to address your limitations, increase your range of motion, and reduce pain.

Renowned organizations like the NFL, NBA, and Olympics incorporate the Graston Technique into their treatment regimens, a strong indication of its efficacy.

Who can perform the Graston Technique?

Only licensed professionals such as physical therapists who’ve undergone rigorous training and earned their Graston Technique certification are qualified to practice the technique. The technique is safest and most effective under the care of a credentialed clinician.

Neha Shah has obtained the training and practice necessary to perform the Graston Technique. She’s one of a select group of providers in the LA area to offer the unique treatment modality.

What happens during a Graston Technique treatment session?

Your therapist has you sit in a comfortable position and applies a lubricant to the treatment area. Then, they run a stainless steel instrument over the area to check for knots.

After this diagnostic process, they pay special attention to places with pronounced redness, which signal adhesions. You may feel tenderness as they run the instrument across your skin.

Following the treatment, your physical therapist rechecks your range of motion to make sure the treatment was effective. Your muscles should feel looser, but you may experience some tenderness and redness for the next day or two.

What are the benefits of the Graston Technique?

One of the major advantages of the Graston Technique is how efficient it is at releasing scar tissue. The noninvasive tools allow for more targeted, leveraged treatment than hands alone can provide.

The technique is safe and easily incorporated into your physical therapy regimen. Many adults are able to resolve their musculoskeletal issues without drugs or surgery with the help of the Graston Technique.

If these benefits interest you, call Back to Center PT or schedule your consultation using the online booking feature today.