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Physical Therapy


VIP treatment. 

What distinguishes us from most physical therapy clinics is that we provide one-on-one care during your entire session every visit. We are available via email 7 days a week. We also provide our cell phone numbers to patients for emergencies.


Intitial Evaluation: One hour

Your first visit will begin with a thorough evalutation of your physical condition, including assessment of your pain, strength, flexibility and function. We will then put together an individualized plan of care to help you reach your personal physical therapy goals.


Follow up sessions: 30-60 minutes

Follow up sessions will include a combination of manual therapy, exercise therapy, and review of home exercises. For home exercises, we provide digital pictures of the patient performing the exercise with detailed instructions.


Hands-on techniques include:                                           

  • Soft-tissue and joint mobilization                                       

  • Myofascial release                                                        

  • Therapeutic Exercise                                                     

  • Functional training                                                       

  • Yoga Therapy                                                              

  • Gyrotonics                                                                    

  • Pilates Therapy                                                            

  • Cold Laser                                                                    

  • Electrical Stimulation                                                    

  • Graston Technique                                                         

  • ®Kinesiotape      

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