What Is Yoga Therapy?

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What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga has become a very well known technique that many people have encorporated into their lifestyles. In California especially, we see yoga studios within every few miles, filled with people that are enthusiastic about freeing the mind, body and spirit. But what about using these yoga techniques to actually rehabilitate the body's injuries and help pain management? Here is where individualized yoga therapy comes into play in the rehabilitative process!

Some might ask, what's the difference between individualized yoga therapy and group yoga class? Well, athough the two encorporate yoga movements and breathing patterns, there is a special benefit to a person's health when they practice individualized yoga therapy with a trained and certified therapist. Encorporating yoga therapy in the rehabilitation process is essential because it offers a gentle and nourishing approach to healing the body and mind. Patients are taught how to move and breath in certain patterns that will help improve musculoskeletal imbalances, flexibility, stability and strengthening. This therapy can be used to help people of all ages, immobile persons to elite athletes, improve the quality of life.

At Back to Center PT, our physical therapists have certified training to encorporate yoga therapy techniques in the rehabilitative process. With these yoga techniques the therapists specialize in understanding each person's individual needs and create programs that are tailored specifically to each patient's diagnosis, level of fitness, and their symptoms.

For more information on how the combined methods of yoga therapy and physical therapy will better help you to recover from or work around an injury, visit our About page at https://www.backtocenterpt.com/about.


Photograph of Physical Therapist Neha Shah, MPT incorporating yoga postures in client's rehabilitative plan.



Amari Jackson Student of physical therapy and assistant to Neha Shah, physical therapist and yoga therapist.

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